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史考特证券早就认识到中国人对外投资的理财需求,高度重视中国市场开拓,不但建立了中文网站,还提供全天24小时的华语客户 服务。还曾在主流的中国网络媒体投放广告,很多网友就是通过新浪网的广告认识史考特证券的。由于华语服务很完善,很多海外华人也喜欢在史考特开户。
由于史考特证券能提供完善的中文化服务, 交易手续费也比较低,非常适合担心语言问题的华人投资者。

In 1980, Rodger Riney, founder, moved from St. Louis to Scottsdale, Arizona where he and a partner incorporated Scottsdale Securities.
In 1981, Riney returned to St. Louis to open a second branch, but ultimately split apart from his partner in the year 1985 due to conflicting business models. Riney kept the company name, Scottsdale Securities, and lowered the price of commissions to attract more clients. Riney's approach was successful and by 1991 Scottsdale Securities had a total of 15 branches throughout the US. was launched in 1996 (along with to supply streaming online quotes to clients). was successful and grew rapidly amidst the dot-com bubble of the '90s.
By 1998, commissions were as low as $7 per trade (the same price as of November 2011) increasing their customer base.
In 2000, Scottsdale Securities officially renamed to Scottrade due to the success of their online firm.
In 2003, Scottrade launched their Chinese trading site,
In 2004, Scottrade's corporate headquarters were relocated to a new building called Corporate Hill in West St. Louis County.
Scottrade saw substantial growth throughout the 2000s, expanding from 200 branch offices in 2004 to 500 by 2010.
In 2006, Scottrade formed a partnership with the St. Louis Blues NHL team, purchasing the naming rights to the 19,150-seat arena in downtown St. Louis. The arena was renamed the Scottrade Center.
During the late-2000s recession Scottrade did not lay off any of its associates. In 2008 alone, Scottrade hired 1,000 new associates and opened 75 new branches despite the economic turmoil.
Scottrade has won numerous awards, most prominently those of J.D. Power and Associates. See awards section below.
In December 2010, Scottrade opened its 500th branch office – located in the West Side of Manhattan.

Scottrade renders both online and branch office services including brokerage services, banking services, investment education, and it offers award-winning online trading platforms, including the Scottrade Trading Web Site, ScottradeELITE Advanced Trading Platform, Scottrader Streaming Quotes, Scottrade OptionsFirst, Scottrade Mobile Application, and Scottrade Mobile Website.
The Scottrade Trading Web Site is Scottrade's standard trading platform with stock screeners; quotes and research; real-time quotes and charting; account monitoring and a knowledge center.
Scottrader Streaming Quotes provides real-time market data and news within a trading platform accessible via the Scottrade Trading Web Site.
ScottradeELITE is an advanced trading platform including news columns from both Comtex and Dow Jones, advanced charts, level two and TotalView quotes, and stock screeners.
OptionsFirst, designed by OptionsHouse in 2008, is a platform allowing complex multi-leg options orders, margin accounts with low minimum deposits, and multiple accounts to the same user. All regular common stock and ETF orders are allowed excluding OTCBB and Pink Sheets.
Scottrade Mobile, launched in 2009, is a trading website accessible from any internet-enabled mobile device.
A Scottrade Mobile Application was released for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices on August 2, 2011.


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